Where am i?


Staring into the darkness,

Makes me wonder,

How long have i been here?

As i stare at the ceiling,

Was it Months? Weeks? Days?

As the sound of water droplets,

Drip, drip away corroding,

What is left of my sanity.



The Clock


Tick tok says the clock,
The door is not lock,
Seek and ye shall find,
Are you not behind?

Doing the same thing,
Expecting to bring,
How foolish is thee–
Do not come to me.



The Icy Heart


Turn to ice oh Heart.
For thy tears are not thy worth,

Thy tears make thou look like a fool,
A fool that is soft and melts like ice,

Remember the long way thy has come,
And remember the future way thou must take,
In order to accomplish thy dreams of being great.

—Food for thought


When girl meets boy


The closer you came,
The more you will claim,
And i’ll run away,
Away, do not sway–

For the walls i built,
Is filled with the guilt,
Alas, you creep in…
Slow and steady win–

A thief you are now,
I ask myself how…?
Stealing a rare gem,
Did not lose to them,

The traps i have made,
The guards start to fade,
Light have filled the doors,
Now i am just yours.

Copyright ©Agnes Lim 2018

Author’s note: Hello my dear readers, thank  you for all the likes and views. I would like to dedicate this to my boyfriend ❤ his constant support and love gives me strength. 🙂














When boy meets girl


A strange sound I hear,
When she comes quite near,
Her actions is queer,
Could she be my dear?
Her size is so small,
Makes me feel too tall,
I fell for her smile,
I’ll win her in style.

Copyright ©Agnes Lim 2018





Strategy: Is it you or me?


Tick tock says the clock,
Which square will you stalk,
Which piece will you bring,
You going to cling?

I’m waiting said he,
Will not lose to thee,
He lured me a piece,
I’m going make peace,

I will not back down,
Will not give up crown,
You might take my knight,
But i will still fight,

Sacrifice to win,
Don’t forget the pin,
What you left behind,
Your weakness my find.

Copyright ©Agnes Lim 2018




Blink: A motion so fast


Eyes window of souls,
Brings you into hole,
Made of black whirlpool,
Not like its cool,
With a blink motion,
Like a strange potion,
I enchanted thee,
To be with me,
With a  blink,
You see not lying,
I am not spying,
Just sat here trying,
To blink away,
Away, my feelings.

Copyright ©Agnes Lim 2018